At AdAppT we are committed to deliver what our advertisers and marketers need, with the capabilities designed to support global brands as they reach new audiences and convert individuals into lifetime customers.

Why AdAppT?

  • Quality user acquisition with great focus on the funnel.
  • Minimizing mobile ad frauds to the extent possible with our sophisticated in-house fraud detection solutions.
  • Innovative ad-formats to get the user eye balls.
  • Reach right audience at the right time at the right place with an effective ROAS.
  • Targeting lookalike audiences who are most similar to your high LTV users rather than trying to find users blindly.
  • Define user segments and display targeted ads to each segment to drive engagement across the entire app usage lifecycle and encouraging them to return to your app with sequential messaging and ultimately convert them into loyal users.
  • Keep advertisers updated with best global practices.
  • End to end mobile marketing strategy & execution for early stage start-ups.

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